Cross Country Executive 2021

From left, standing, Charlie Barman, Niel Loock, Jacques Langley (Vice Chairperson), Petro Kriedeman. Seated from left, Cyril Plaatjie, Attie Williams (Chairperson)



Cross Country is regarded by many as the purest form of the running sports. It does not require a highly technical artificial track or the need to mix congested traffic with the participants of Road Racing. It is cheaper than trail running and does not limit the numbers of entrants.

The sport is a “grass roots” discipline catering for all ages and abilities and is seen by many top athletes and coaches as an excellent platform on which to build a high level of stamina for track athletes and speed for road runners. Many top athletes started their careers in Cross Country and still return to the Sport during the Track and Field “off-season” to build strength and stamina for the new season. Cross Country complements road and track running, so most top middle and long distance track runners, as well as the top road runners in the world, run Cross Country.